General Scowcroft Awarded Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service

June 2, 2016

General Scowcroft was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Seribce on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 in a ceremony at the Pentagon. The text of Secretary Carter's speech is below. Congratulations General!

Lieutenant General (retired) Brent Scowcroft is recognized for distinguished public service from November 1975 to May 2016. General Scowcroft has been a leading force on national security and defense matters, consistently and actively offering his sage counsel through various avenues, spanning seven administrations and fourteen secretaries of defense. His balance, civility and realism as national security advisor to two presidents helped ensure continued strong United States international influence immediately following Vietnam and helped guide the nation safely through the peak years of the cold war to its peaceful conclusion and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was instrumental in crafting US policies towards all regions of the world, including Europe during the reunification of Germany; the Middle East during Desert Storm; and the Asia Pacific, including engagement with China and Taiwan. As a private citizen, General Scowcroft worked in close cooperation with the government via commissions and special projects; advised senior defense and executive branch officials; and appeared before and advised members of Congress. He initiated and shaped discourse in the public square by illuminating matters of national security importance via the written and spoken word. General Scowcroft personally founded and chaired forums and led projects and groups dedicated to the advancement of United States’ national security interests. The distinctive accomplishments of General Scowcroft reflect great credit upon himself and the department of defense.