General Scowcroft Receives Gerald R. Ford Medal for Distinguished Public Service

May 6, 2013


The Scowcroft Group is pleased to announce that General Brent Scowcroft was presented with the Gerald R. Ford Medal for Distinguished Public Service on Monday, May 6. The medal recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals who have served the public good in both the private and public sector, and was awarded as part of the commemoration of President Ford’s 100th birthday. Previous recipients include Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, William Coleman, Henry Kissinger, and Justice John Paul Stevens.


General Scowcroft, in his role as National Security Adviser during President Ford’s administration, helped guide US policy on critical issues such as the exit from Vietnam and Soviet-American rivalry in Europe during the turmoil following President Nixon’s resignation. "Our country was suffering through uncharted agony when [Ford] assumed the presidency and General Scowcroft stood by his side and helped make tough decisions," Steve Ford, Chairman of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees said. "His dedication and leadership regarding the security of the United States of America make him the perfect recipient for the award.”