Secretary of State Again Applauds Heroism of Senior Advisor Matt Sherman

July 7, 2012

The Scowcroft Group is honored to congratulate one of our Senior Advisors, Mr. Matt Sherman, for his recent recognition in the July 7 speech to embassy staff in Kabul, Afghanistan by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She referred to a 2009 event in which Sherman was involved as an example of Americans putting their lives on the line to achieve success in Afghanistan.

Secretary Clinton said, “When I was here in 2009 I gave the Department of State Award for Heroism to a Foreign Service Officer named Matt Sherman. Matt was on a mission with military colleagues when the lead convoy vehicle struck an IED and flipped. And Matt didn't hesitate; he raced out from the safety of his own vehicle to help the wounded U.S. soldiers. That is the kind of everyday heroism that we see among our embassy staff.” The Secretary’s speech can be found in its entirety at

All of the soldiers survived the explosion of the massive, 400-lb. IED. Sherman is one of the few Foreign Service Officers to have received the Award for Heroism since it was established.

Mr. Sherman assists Scowcroft Group clients with political and commercial risk analysis with operationsin Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He is a contributor to the Opinion page of The New York Times and is a consultant to the defense community on security issues in the Middle East.